Darwyn Apple Shines Forth in Heartland Performances

In honor of the Charlie Hebdo victims, please listen to Darwyn Apple’s performance of Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch:

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Mr. Apple’s career has been continuously inflated by reporters and critics, raining down their praise on his musical prowess. He has appeared in nationally respected publications such as Ebony and High Fidelity, as well as many other major magazines, newspapers, television, and radio.

In 1968, one of the classical reviewers for High Fidelity magazine wrote:
“…Toledo (Ohio) Symphony … does boast a concertmaster of considerable artistic accomplishment, Darwyn Apple.”

In 1979, Lee Rockwell, Executive Director of Nebraska Educational Television, wrote to Mr. Apple:
“ Although some time has passed since the production of the television program, Darwyn Apple: Violinist, I want to share with you our feeling of enthusiasm for this production.
… The quality of your production ranks among the top of all our offerings. Your sensitivity of performance, your smoothness of technique, and your personal warmth are unsurpassed, In fact, this presentation is superb. … Our … catalog [at time of the letter, 1979] includes a production photo [from the program] on the cover. ”

The Philadelphia Inquirer commented that Darwyn Apple “has a tone of impressive volume and breadth. His fingering and bowing [have a] disarming smoothness.”

A critic writing in the The Saint Louis Globe-Democrat said this about Mr. Apple:
“ Refinement and purity are the key ingredients of Apple’s style. His sound is of the sort one could listen to for hours without tiring, and nothing he does lacks purpose. His melodies soar, his virtuoso passages blaze, his ornaments decorate but never interfere with the music’s forward motion. Apple’s approach rarely tempts the listener to wish for something more outgoing — as subtle and introspective as his playing sometimes is, there’s quite enough drama in it to make his interpetations throughly meaningful.”

Mr. Apple was the featured cover story in the October, 2006 Saint Louis edition of PLAYBILL®. Click here to read the entire article online.