In honor of the Charlie Hebdo victims, please listen to Darwyn Apple’s performance of Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch:


AFRICAN MUSICAL ARTS: Emmy Award nomination for “An Intercultural Instrument: The Fiddle”

LATEST TASTE OF APPLE: State of the Arts: An Intercultural Instrument: The Fiddle 

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I encourage you to tune in to Darwyn Apple Artistry online, while you browse the site. Below are some quotes, accolades and endorsements with which I would like to introduce myself as a violinist.

“Music is not a matter of pushing down the right notes at the right time, but of creating an image or communicating emotion…When two artists get on the same wavelength — then the music becomes a language which is foreign nowhere, because it deals with emotions and universal images.” – Darwyn Apple and Dr. Cary Lewis, Accompianist.



“…the intonation was very solid and the bowing was of the intense sort that can inject dynamic energy into even the slightest of musical phrases…Apple’s performances fairly blazed with excitement; not surprisingly, the applause was enthusiastic as that stirred up by the Broadway show tunes that made up the bulk of the program.” – James Wierzbicki, St. Louis Globe-Democrat


“I have known Darwyn Apple since my childhood. During those many years, he always been a superb, well-rounded musician. His playing has been exquisite in every situation I have heard him. Whether on the radio, in orchestra, or in chamber music, his love of music comes through in every phrase. I recommend him as a soloist, chamber musician, or teacher, as well as spokesperson for the art which he executes with true elegance.” – David Halen, Concertmaster, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra


“A wonderful, warm, positive individual who exhibits the values that are prerequisite to a significant faculty post in higher education, I think that it is an absolutely extraordinary and bold career move that Darwin has made in leaving the Orchestra and embarking on the trajectory of a solo performer/educator. And what a marvelous thing it is for Detroit to be able to welcome home a successful native son – one in whom the community can take pride, and one who will serve as an inspiration to a younger generation of aspiring performers eager to make their mark in the world.” – David Cerone